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Centre for Suicide Prevention

The Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) is an education centre specializing in curricula development, training, and providing library and information services.  The purpose of the Centre is to inform and equip people with additional knowledge and skills in the prevention of suicide. 

The Centre began in 1981 as the Suicide Information and Education Centre. In 2005, the Centre was re-named and incorporated as the Centre for Suicide Prevention under the auspices of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is a registered charitable organization located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

The Centre has developed curricula to address suicide in children and youth and makes this information available through workshops.  The library holds over 40,000 documents and provides research and loaning services.  To get a full description of our services and products please visit our website:

At the request of Aboriginal communities, CSP formed an Advisory group of Elders and community workers to provide leadership in the development of River of Life.  In 2009, CSP joined forces with Millbrook Technologies of the Millbrook First Nation (Nova Scotia) to begin the process of expanding the curriculum to national content and translating it into an online format. 

The Centre for Suicide Prevention recognizes the diversity of culture and tradition within the Aboriginal communities across the nation. We realize that the experience of suicide for each community is different and to reflect this diversity we will continue collaborating with Canadian Aboriginal communities. Through this collaboration we will continue to add to the River of Life course content, establish an Online Library and collect information from individuals taking the online course.

Millbrook Technologies Inc.

Millbrook Technologies is located in Nova Scotia, Canada and is owned by the Millbrook First Nation. Specializing in the customization of advanced technologies and building unique courseware. We are not your typical IT "solution provider" we believe in strategic alliances and partnerships contributing our technology in the development of an executable strategy to further the goals of your company, community or organization.

Millbrook is proud to be a part of a national team in bringing forward an aboriginal specific program to change the rising trajectory of aboriginal youth suicide. Our unique learning management system that can authenticate the knowledge transfer was built incorporating aboriginal theories and methodologies of the aboriginal learning process.

Our involvement is based on the success we have achieved in delivering culturally competent, safe and sensitive programs in all regions of Canada.

Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) provides programs and services that support the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental disorders and to enhance, maintain and promote the mental and emotional health of all individuals.

The Assembly of First Nations



We are responsible to protect, maintain, promote, support, and advocate for our inherent, treaty and constitutional rights, (w)holistic health, and the well-being of our nations.

This will be achieved through policy analysis, communications, and, most importantly, lobbying on behalf of, representing, supporting, and defending First Nations' communities and individuals to ensure properly funded services and programs are delivered at the same level enjoyed by all Canadians.

The AFN has supported the efforts of CSP and Millbrook technologies and its national group in their efforts to change the rising trajectory of aboriginal youth suicide by endorsing via a national resolution the River of Life suicide prevention strategy.