Today Jan 18, 2021
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This course is "so much what people are hungry for, looking exactly for this content" (J.S., Youth Health Educator).

"Excellent! Covers a difficult topic related to different pieces of history. It was a message of resiliency and hope. Despite the difficult subject, there are rays of hope. It inspires you to do something... Most First Nation community workers could use this in their work with aboriginal youth and families; suicide crosses all age groups in our communities." Cynthia

"Natural Law grounds everything. It was good and absolutely captured conversations and the whole idea. This very clearly articulates how people find ways to live and we take care of everyone... I appreciated the language used: 'How to help people talk about suicide in different ways.'" Janet

"Great! I feel that taking this course allows you to move forward from here. Lots of background information so they (participants) have what they need to move forward… (This course has) so much of what people are hungry for, looking exactly for this content." Jana

Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations says, "The River of Life is a practical tool that will be instrumental in building resiliency in communities and we are proud to support this initiative."